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How to Integrate Facebook with Email Marketing

The leads you generate through your Facebook Business Page only drive value when you use them the right way.

While collecting leads, your potential customers, is an essential step, what really matters are the steps that follow. You can give your leads something of value, or thank them for showing interest, in addition to providing the information they signed up for. This is where Facebook email marketing comes in.

Like many small business owners, Chris Lousa is wondering if it’s time to call it quits on Facebook:

“We’re finding Facebook to be less and less of interest to us because of the way they changed their algorithms for how our posts work…we found out that without paying for their marketing program, it doesn’t work for us.”

Lousa has put in the work to grow his Facebook following to over a thousand fans. He regularly posts updates about brunch specials, new craft beers, and open mic nights at his café.

But recently, his posts have been reaching fewer fans than ever before.

Is Facebook still worth his time?

Despite the decrease in organic reach, Facebook is one of the best ways to make a great first impression on potential customers.

When someone searches for Lousa’s café online, his Facebook Page serves as a visible online community, fully equipped with photos, business information, and a look at how the café communicates with its customer base.

But what about reaching existing customers?

When sites like Facebook make changes that limit your ability to reach your audience, you want to make sure you have another way to reach them directly.

That’s why it’s important to move your relationships beyond social media and use Facebook to grow your email list.

Email marketing gives you the power to reach your contacts on your own terms. You can send a message to your subscriber list directly and track your results to see which contacts are engaging with your content.

Want to try email marketing for your business? Sign up for a free 60-day trial.

How to get people to take the next step and join your email list

Here are nine simple strategies to try out:

1. Put an email opt-in form on your Facebook Page

By adding the Join My Mailing List App, you can collect email addresses easily and they will automatically be added to your list within your Constant Contact account.

It only takes a minute to connect it to your Business Page, and you can customize the email opt-in form with your logo and a quick introduction to let your audience know what they’ll receive.

2. Make it the theme of your cover photo

Your cover photo is right at the top of your page and will often be the first thing people see. You can use this space to create an image that calls out your email newsletter.

Start with one of these 15 ideas for your cover photo, and then add some text to let fans know they can stay in touch through Facebook and email marketing, as well.

Check out this example from marketing expert, Jon Loomer, who offers a free guide in exchange for an email address. His cover photo provides a URL where fans can get the guide and also includes an arrow to a direct link.

3. Use the Facebook Call to Action Button

Facebook recently announced the