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Social Media

def. Inbound Marketing, also known as indirect marketing, is focused on attracting customers through relevant and helpful content and adding value at every stage of your customer's buying journey.

What I Do

I meet you where you are. I develop a plan within your budget to fit your needs. I ensure that your brand is matching across all platforms. Next content is planned, automated & executed.


I believe every small business owner should have access to all the major tools & know exactly how to use them but it shouldn't feel like rocket science or take them away from their business.


I start every client with groundwork around branding & work our way up to exact needs. A full hour is dedicated to each consultation to identify markers that are required in creating an inclusive marketing strategy. 

To be able to see real results, each package is a minimum 12-week commitment and can be increased by 4 weeks.

Simple DFY Design

A simple social media campaign design including 12 meme templates. 2 email templates. 4 blog posts with graphics. Target audience & buyer persona statement. General editorial calendar. 

895.00 USD

Createher Stock Styled Desk With Macbook

Complete DFY Design

A complete social media campaign includes 24 meme templates. 4 Branded emails (Welcome, Newsletter, Event/Class, Thank you), 12 blog posts with graphics. Editorial calendar. 3 branded covers per platform. Target Audience & Buyer persona statement.

1195.00 USD

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