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How to Create Content for Twitter in 3 Easy Steps

Twitter i

s an outstanding social media platform that thrives on live news and instant reactions. The short, but effective tweets spread your messages to the world rather quickly. For small businesses, Twitter can be a great outlet to reach new audiences and gain a strong online following. However, in order to stand out on Twitter, your content needs to be strong. Here are three steps to creating better content on Twitter.


Your business caters to the needs of your customers. It’s important to be on the same page because there’s no point in creating content that doesn’t interest your customers nor serves a purpose. By using Twitter polls, businesses are encouraging engagement between customers. It’s their time to voice their opinion and give crucial feedback. Ask questions in tweets to influence responses and reward their participation by retweeting their response or replying to their tweet.


Sometimes, seeing is believing. Photos and videos are a recipe for engagement. People don’t engage equally with every tweet. In fact, audiences tend to gravitate toward visual assists. According to Twitter, photos average a 35% boost in retweets and videos receive a 28% boost. Next time you are sharing a blog post or promotion, add a photo or video to your tweet to increase your chances of engagement.


Hashtags are an excellent way for audiences to search your brand or follow the conversation. However, consistently adding new hashtags for every tweet might make it difficult to view your thread. If you are tweeting about a campaign in your business or a certain product, create a hashtag that represents your project and uses it every time you tweet about the project. This way, when a user searches that particular hashtag, they will be able to view the entire campaign in one thread.

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