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A Pressing Launch

Create a Noticeable Press Release...Simplified

Moving forward in helping you build the best business possible, we want you to be able to successfully launch your new products or services. The key to getting good results on a launch is having good press. Thus you need a well drafted Press Release.

Press releases usually contain the following information:

  • Biz Contact Information

  • Website URL

  • Release time (Immediate or specified date)

  • Headline

  • Dateline (Originating city)

Basically, you want to answer who, what, when, where, why, and if you want to get fancy, how. It’s best to keep a template that you can reuse for your Press Releases. As with all writing, create content to target your audience. Do remember though, less is more! When writing you article start with your target information that you want to promote first. Then include 3-5 short paragraphs in support. Inside those paragraphs you may want to include third-party quotes/reviews. All works should be properly cited with in your article. Pay very close attention to spelling and grammar. Lastly, update your mailing list and send to the targeted press. Below are a few more lists of helpful tips.

The results of a well drafted Press Release are

  1. Tons of free publicity

  2. Opportunities to further express your point of view

  3. Interest from potential investors and new clients

When you’re ready we suggest sending your Press Release to the following:

  • Local newspapers in the towns that your company reaches then include another 5-10 mile radius

  • Magazines and newsletters that cover your industry, including business journals

  • Local radio stations & television shows that cover business topics

4 major events Press Releases should be drafted for:

  • New Products and Services

  • Major Developments, acquisitions, strategic alliances, or significant contracts

  • Hiring of Key Employee or a well-known figure working for your company

Ask us for a sample Press Release or we would be happy to create your Press Release templates for you.


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