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Why You Need to Know Your Why

Want to be a big sensation on social media?

Then you need to go right back to the basics and ask yourself what it is your business actually does and why it does it. It is not enough to think of your social campaign in a vacuum. It is not enough to think of it as something separate and distinct from everything else you do. Rather, you need to look at this from the perspective of what you want to achieve and how you’re going to go about doing it…

The Golden Circle

‘Know your why’ is something of a catchphrase that has become popular among businesses and the origin of this lies with Simon Sineks’ talk on ‘The Golden Circle’.

Simon explained in a TED talk that there are three different ‘layers’ to what a business does – an outer, middle and inner ring that make up the golden circle.

That first outer layer is ‘what’ your company does. Maybe you make computers, or you sell insurance. The second middle layer is ‘how’ you do it. Maybe you are a reseller, or a manufacturer. And the final inner layer is why you do it.

Do you do it to make the world a greener and cleaner place? Do you do it because you love futuristic hardware? Do you do it because you believe in small business?

Whatever your reason, this is your driving force, your ethos and your mission statement and this needs to lie at the center of your social media strategy?


So why why?

The answer is simple: people will follow you on social media if they are your fans. That means that they need to identify with your business in a way that goes beyond simply liking your products.

You might find that you use toilet paper from a certain brand a lot of the time and perhaps you like that product. But you won’t be a fan of the company unless you find some deeper meaning behind the toilet paper – like a big push for eco friendliness, or perhaps an ethos of comfort and luxury.

If you want to make fans out of your followers and gain a huge boost in shares and likes as a result, then you need to know what it is that people can identify with about your business and how you’re going to communicate that!


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