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How to Measure Success of Your Holiday Marketing

With the holidays fast approaching, now’s the perfect time to start planning to have your best holiday season ever.

But how will you know if you actually did any better with your email marketing when the holiday season is over?

Whether you’re looking to increase sales or donations, it’s best to take a look back so you can set realistic goals for this year.

Follow these four steps to measure your holiday email marketing success:

1. What revenue do you attribute to email marketing in years past?

Hopefully, you’ve been measuring the business impact of your email marketing year round. If not, don’t worry. Use this year to set some benchmarks for your business. You can use this worksheet to measure your email marketing business results.

  • Measure the impact of your nonpromotional emails

  • Measure the impact of your time-based promotional emails

2. Review your email results from last year.

Take a look at the holiday emails that drove great results for you in the past. Here are some questions you can ask:

  • Which of my email campaigns generated the highest open and click-through rates?

  • Was there anything special about the subject lines or content?

  • On what days were my high-performing emails sent?

  • Which of my email campaigns generated the lowest conversions?

  • Were these campaigns sent on different days at different times?

  • Is there room for improvement with subject lines or content?

  • Did one targeted contact list perform better than another?

Carry over the best stuff and see if you can beat your email marketing benchmarks this holiday season.

3. Set a goal for this year.

As part of your review from years past, take note of your growth from email marketing from year to year. Knowing these numbers can help you set a realistic goal for this year. Perhaps you’d like to increase your email marketing revenue this holiday by three percent. Great. Now you have a tangible goal. You’ll know what you’re working toward with your holiday email marketing plan.

4. Review and note adjustments for next year.

Once the season is over, be sure to set up some to reflect on how things went. Did you meet your goal? Exceed it? Fall behind? What worked? What didn’t? Brainstorm some ways you’ll make adjustments for next year.

Get your best results this holiday season.

This holiday season be sure to think in terms of business results. Go beyond opens in clicks to have a major impact on your business. Don’t forget to set realistic goals and be ready to make adjustments for next year.

Here’s what you can do now:

Log in to your Constant Contact account and review the results of your emails from last holiday season. You can compare up to five email campaigns side by side.


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