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Building Content for Your Target Audience

Not ready to hire your own marketing team but need to get your business out there? I've got you!!!

Any marketer or marketing agency can tell you that there is a whole entire science of successfully marketing a brand. Let me repeat what so many others say, marketing is more than smacking a logo on a picture (although sometimes that really is all that's needed).

I want to give you the tools you need to jump on the right track. Attend my next NetWorkShop, Building Content for Your Target Audience. We are going to focus on your marketing plan by creating buyer personas & mapping content. Basically, I want to show you how to hit YOUR ideal client or customer in the feels so they are compelled to CLICK HERE NOW

Monthly NetWorkShops are offered through Simplified VA, Professional Business Services & facilitated by the Coolest Chick in Marketing, Morgan Stroud. NetWorkShops are created for new small business owners, soloprenuers, & business owners that need assistance anywhere from in branding, marketing & execution. Each NetWorkShop is a group working session where each attendee works on their own business while having healthy conversations & bounce ideas around with new colleagues, that are also growing their business. The NetWorkShop includes either a workbook or printout of the powerpoint presentation for note taking & reference. Also, included in the NetWorkShop fee is 1-hour private follow-up/accountability session with Morgan to work directly on your business with you, to make sure you move beyond what was presented, with more tips tools & tricks to market your business.

Morgan is the #CoolestChickInMarketing & Simplified VA is the Virtual Office the will get you going from Branding to Execution!


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