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Simplified VA

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The Virtual Office that will get you going,

from Branding to Execution


Simplified VA?

You're in need of a strategy for your business that will increase your visibility and keep your business up to date with current trends but won't hold you captive on social media for hours without end.

You're looking for a new marketing agency that won't nickel and dime you at each interaction.

You've been through your share of virtual assistants, as well as heard a fair share of horror stories.

Well, it's a good thing Simplified VA is not for virtual assistant but a virtual brand and marketing agency for small to medium-sized businesses. (LOL. Same Difference but you get it.)

Over time, I learned 1 very important thing: Sometimes it's not a virtual assistant that's needed.



What do you mean, friend? Well, I'm glad you asked.)

The majority of SVA's clients just needed a better system in place and/or a simplified marketing strategy. I'm not saying marketing is easy, but not by far. What I am saying is business owners can go further with their own customized branding and strategic funnel that can be executed with minimal training and effort.

Marketing is more than a pretty logo, uninteresting dialogue with bajillion-kajillion hashtags, and a 5-page website. In fact, it's more like a science than anything else. I decided to leave admin in the past and re-brand Simplified VA to practice the science of marketing.

What we bring to your table

Reposition your company's brand and change the customers' perception

Establishing or Rebranding

Build a audience centric brand and ensure an extraordinary customer experience

Target Audience Centric

Align your organization's appearance and ensure an unified perception from customers

Identity Ailignment

Reshape your brand's perception and increase stickiness of your brand to keep customers on board

Consumer Loyalty

Strengthen your company's brand through campaigning

Campaign Direction

Ensure clear differentiation between you & your competitors & secure your advantageous positioning

Competitive Advantage
CHS Styled Space 1.jpeg

Meet the
"Coolest Chick in Marketing"

Hi, I'm Morgan. A serial entrepreneur and the tech-savvy owner of Simplified VA. For over 10 years I've been executing marketing campaigns and teaching strategies and techniques to business owners. My creativity & God-given gifts make inbound marketing a breeze for me and my clients. My team members are chosen according to the same gifts, and their creative and technical abilities.


I'm a Certified Constant Contact Solutions Provider, a Canva Champion, and a WIX Partner as well as a Click Funnel Pro. I'm able to work with all email marketing platforms or social media management tools. Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, as well as Google Workspace, and various project management platforms such as Asana. In 2016, I became an associate professor at AACC, teaching continuing education classes on virtual assisting, home-based business, and marketing at the Women's Institute. 

On a personal level, I'm a happily married mom of 6 and Geema to 1. Lastly, I absolutely must share my grand-dog and grand-cat. LOL. I really do love them all and I love to laugh.

Simplified VA is about simplifying business processes for busy, non-tech savvy, and new business owners. I use proven methods to help businesses grow with our branding and marketing services, and business training. Although I offer a range of virtual business services, my expertise is inbound digital marketing.

After leaving 27 years in healthcare, my clientele consists primarily of Attorneys, Physicians, Health Clinicians, and Nonprofit Founders. A great referral for us would be a new business owner, or the business owner that's behind on their digital media, or a seasoned business owner who would like to move forward with growing their business digitally.


Services Offered

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Create a strong brand for your business that you can stand strong behind and reach the goal of customer loyalty.

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