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Simplified VA?

Sure. Hi Impact! I'll keep it simple. Simplified VA was founded in 2013 with the intention of assisting clients to bring their small business dreams to life by performing administrative duties. Thus freeing up the clients' time and allowing them to concentrate on their product.


In 2015, we left administrative duties in the dust and we became an all-inclusive professional marketing agency for small to medium-sized businesses, offering top of the line services.


Our specialty is collaborating with business/business owners & simplifying digital marketing.


Meet the

"Coolest Chick in Marketing"

Hi I'm Morgan. The gorgeous chick in the picture above & to your left. I'm a tech savvy, serial entrepreneur. You'll receive nothing but the best innovative ideas from me. My creativeness & God given gifts make Digital Media Marketing a breeze for me and my clients. Members of my team are chosen according to the same gifts, their creative and technical abilities.


I'm a Certified Constant Contact Solutions Provider, as well as a Certified Hootsuite Professional, but able to work with all email marketing platforms or social media management tools. Proficient in the Microsoft Office Suite and various project management platforms such as Asana. In 2016, I became a associate professor at AACC, teaching continuing education classes on virtual assisting, home-based business and marketing in the Women's Institute.

Simplified VA is about simplifying business processes for the busy, the non-tech savvy, and new business owners. I use proven methods to help businesses grow with our branding and marketing services, and business trainings. Although I offer a range of virtual business services, my expertise is inbound digital marketing.

My clientele consists primarily of Lawyers, Physicians, Mental Health Clinicians, Real Estate Agents, Makeup Artists, and Wellness Gurus. A great referral for me would be a new business owner, non-profit foundation, church, business owner behind on their digital media, or a seasoned business owner who would like to move forward with growing their business digitally.


Services I offer

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Create a strong brand for your business that you can stand strong behind and reach the goal of customer loyalty.

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